New Captain America sighting

As the now traditional teaser/easter egg at the end of Iron Man II tells us, the next big Marvel fun fest will be a Thor movie.  What? You didn’t see that?  Go look on Youtube.  You’ll find it.

After that, so the rumor has it, Marvel will release the much anticipated Captain America movie.  Now, the guy never did much for me when I was a kid.  He was kind of a humorless, underpowered killjoy of a superhero.  I actually didn’t read a lot of Marvel (or even DC, come to think of it) growing up, and when I did, it wasn’t Captain America.  So I was pleasantly surprised when a comic-fiend coworker of mine turned me on to something called THE ULTIMATES by Mark Millar and Brian Hitch some time ago.  I was hooked fairly quickly– this was a very different take on the Avengers.. they were not particularly nice people, in this incarnation.  The Captain America in this universe had a distinctive, World War II era look to him that paid homage to his origins.  No skin tight outfits, his outfit was lumpy and more wrinkled.

From the rumor mill, some concept drawings of the new Captain America suit from the two-years away film were leaked the other day.  This looks a lot like that ULTIMATES form of Captain America.

(Dead Image Links – edit, 2015)

Of course, one costume shot does not a movie make, but I certainly hope this means the story arc moves in the direction established by THE ULTIMATES stories. I don’t like my superheroes all squeaky clean and holier than thou. I think this sort of “hard edged” Captain America won’t be perceived so much as a jingoistic dinosaur by modern audiences. We’ll see! Early days yet of course.


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