Dicebag of the Elder Gods

What?  You mean YOU don’t have a dice bag with the evil visage of the Elder God inscribed upon it like a set of blasphemous runes?

Well, of course not.  My friend Glynis Irwin knitted this for me.  I love it.  We’re storing CTHULHU DICE inside it at the moment, thought it could handle a lot more than that.

Cthulhu Dice Bag
Cthulhu Dice Bag The Elder God is sending hypnotic messages to crash my car.

Glynis used THIS PATTERN, which is open source, so she’s pretty adamant and respectful about not charging for it.  However, she might be considering making her own (sellable) version of cthulhu dice bags, so check this space, I’ll advertise it when it becomes more than a consideration.

Thank you, Glynis of the Needles (once Glynis of the Knives)


  1. Hoorah! I’m glad it arrived. I’m super-excited that you like it. May it bring you much gaming mojo.

    I’m wrestling with knitting graph paper, my calculator, and design. *grin*


  2. The Cthulhu dice bag is a big helping of the awesome sauce. You know, it occurred to me what a great HAT this pattern would make once I had the thing in my hand…

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