Quite a haul

I was at the BALTICON 44 science fiction convention in Baltimore, MD on Saturday.  While in the dealer’s room, I found a game vendor that was jettisoning his stock of large Mageknight items– vehicles, mostly.  There were small armored chariots pulled by bulls, Larger chariots pulled by horses, gigantic dwarven steam tanks and even larger Egyptian looking vehicle things.  They were all going for a dollar each.  I couldn’t pass that up.

Lots of vehicles
sLots of Mageknight Vehicles, only 26 dollars investment.

So I ended up picking up 7 double sized chariots, 9 regular sized armor chariots, 3 steam tanks, 3 of the Egyptian looking things.

Chariots, tanks and more chariots
There's a game lurking in all this stuff, by gum.

My thought is to make a larger scale fantasy chariot race game out of this stuff. Nothing too fancy– I’ve got the rules written already. The figures will likely be late Renaissance with a decided fantasy twist– I’m already picking up some Empire troops from Games Workshop to be the charioteers. I wanted to add guns to the mix too. This isn’t going to be a race game so much as a combat skirmish game that is constantly moving.

And even more chariots

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