Steve Jackson Games’ ZOMBIE DICE reviewed

While at Balticon scooping up old Mageknight chariots for a dollar each, I noticed the vendor had ZOMBIE DICE.  Now, you may recall I just reviewed CTHULHU DICE last week.  I described CTHULHU dice as being fairly mindless, essentially PICK AND TAKE with a nifty Cthulhu dice instead of a Pick and Take top.  That’s still true, it IS pretty mindless (the only decision you make is whom to attack in a turn.  With that said, the theme really makes the game in that instance, and it certainly is an amusing diversion for five dollars.  (Besides, Glynis is making me a Cthulhu dice bag for it, so why not?).

Zombie Dice Parts
Zombie Dice Parts. This is all there is for 13.00 and change.

ZOMBIE DICE cane out about the same time trying to occupy the same “fast filler game” niche.   It is not as cheap as the Cthulhu Dice game, but it is still eminently reasonable for 14 dollars (and a lot less online).  This game costs more because there are more components– 13  dice in three colors and a dice rolling cup, for starters, and the same sized rulebook as Cthulhu dice.

In Zombie Dice, you are playing a zombie, which is nice departure from current games, most of whom have you in the role of someone running away from zombies.  You are trying to score the highest brain score and to be the last Zombie shuffling.  Essentially the sum total of the game is the combination of red, yellow and green symbols on the dice.  There are three symbols: Shotgun blasts, feet (for: he ran away!) and brains.  On your turn, shake the cup and reach in for three dice without looking.  Slap them down, then uncover.  The various colors have different mixes of colored pips on them.. more brains than shotguns on the green dice, more shotgun blasts than brains on the red dice.  The yellow dice is somewhere between.  This mixes up the odds a bit.

After you pull three dice out, If you have a brain, you put that to your left and score it.  If you have a shotgun blast, that counts as a hit, and you can’t save yourself from taking it.  Three shotgun blasts and you’re dead.

If you have  a set of footprints, the victim has run away.  Save this and you can roll it again if you dare.

If you have a BRAIN, save it and write down your score, but only if you haven’t been killed by shotgun blasts this turn yet.  So you have to stop trying to reroll “runaway” results at some point.

Here’s a tutorial.

There’s not much more than that.. you might enjoy it if you like horror themes in games.  Mechanics-wise it’s a tad more interesting than Cthulhu dice because you have more choices and a bluffing/bettering element.  I liked it.  Pretty good filler fun for a very cheap price.


  1. My (NS)FLGS charged me $26 for Zombie Dice! I didn’t find out until later that the retail price was $13…. For now I’m assuming this was an honest mistake… just another reason to order online I guess.

  2. 100% markup! Wow! That doesn’t sound very friendly of your friendly neighborhood gaming store. I’d return it.. there’s no way in the world a dice cup and 13 custom dice are worth 26 bones. Fuhgeddaboutit.

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