Enemy in Sight, Turn 2: The Royal Sovereign falls

Cannons, Cannons, Cannons..  Turn 2 was a blast. Turn 1 consisted of all players except for Zeiske moving useless red cards around the table and discarding them. Zeiske played a new ship in his battle line. Turn 2, however, was a cannon-blazing turn.

Kent fires at O’Hara’s Royal Sovereign.  Rigging hit.

York fires at O’Hara’s Royal Sovereign and adds a bow rake. Rigging hit.

Zeiske fires at Dowrey’s Britannia. Hull hit.  (nice change of pace, that!)

Dowrey plays a  BOARDING ACTION on the now dismasted Royal Sovereign. Royal Sovereign fires Grapeshot back, but it still gets captured.

O’Hara HAS to play a red card (Strike!) which tries to move around the table, but there are no ships damaged enough for the STRIKE to apply to.

Turn 2 over, Turn 3 commences.

Enemy in Sight, Turn 2: Summary
Enemy in Sight Turn 2: So Long, Royal Sovereign! (click to enlarge)

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