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Enemy in Sight Started

Our Enemy in Sight PBeM Game on Boris the Spider has commenced. Enemy in Sight! is an old Avalon Hill “Bookcase Line” game played with ship cards, somewhat like the older Naval War but with a pervasive Age of Sail theme. Of the two games, I much prefer this one for its character, strong theme, and ease of play. This should be fun. I wish there was a Cyberboard gamebox for this so I could create a game picture for posting here. As it is, thanks to Tom Cundiff’s tireless volunteer efforts, I could get some appropriate ship card images to make a jury rigged battle line, which is visible at the bottom of this post.

Enemy in Sight

Enemy in Sight


The Cast:
Kent: Bonhomme Richard 3/5 (US, 6th), Monarcha 3/7 (Sp, 3rd),
Temeraire 5/10 (Br, 2nd), Essex 3/6 (US, 5th), Indefatigable 4/7 (Br,
5th), Phoebe 3/5 (Br, 5th); 1 RED Action, 5 Black Action.

York: Neptuno 5/9 (Sp, 2nd), Insurgente 3/6 (Fr, 5th), Yarmouth 3/6
(Br, 4th), United States 4/7 (US, 5th), Guerrier 3/6 (Br, 5th), Africa
4/7 (Br, 4th ); 1 RED Action, 5 Black Action.

Zieske: Captain 3/8 (Br, 3rd), Ville de Paris 5/10 (Fr, 1st), San Juan
de Nepomunceno 3/8 (Sp, 3rd), Serapis 3/5 (Br, 5th), San Justo 3/8 (Sp,
3rd), Argonauta 5/9 (Sp, 2nd), 6 Black Action.

Dowrey: Europe 4/7 (Br, 4th), Venguer du Peuple 4/8 (Fr, 3rd), Mars
4/9 (Br, 3rd), San Leandro 3/6 (Sp, 4th), Bahama 4/8 (Sp, 3rd),
Britannia 5/10 (Br, 1st); 1 RED Action, 5 Black Action.

O’Hara: Vanguard 4/9 (Br, 3rd), Heros 4/9 (Fr, 3rd), Elephant 4/8 (Br,
3rd), Franklin 5/9 (Fr, 2nd), Constellation 4/6 (US, 5th), Royal
Sovereign 5/11 (Br, 1st); 2 RED Action, 4 Black Action.

Top Additional Ship: Achille 4/8 (Fr, 3rd)

Turns 1.1-??:
1.1: Kent must play Weathergauge. Only effect is Ship Deck Reshuffle.
Top ship is now Guillaume Tell 5/9(Fr, 2nd). Draw 1 to fill hand.
1.2: York must play Fire to no effect. Fire passed to Zieske-…-Kent
for no effect. York draws 1.
1.3: Zieske …

Top Additional Ship: Guillaume Tell 5/9(Fr, 2nd).

Here’s a PDF of my Fleet at Turn One, in line:


Battle Line for Enemy in Sight (top left to bottom right)

Table Order:


Table Order for EIS


Lost Battallion’s EiS Reprint game. This is the version I use.