e-Boris ENEMY IN SIGHT! just starting

Lost Battalion version Enemy in Sight! cards

Lost Battalion version Enemy in Sight! cards

A game of Avalon Hill’s wonderful old Age of Sail combat game, Enemy in Sight! is just about to start on E-Boris. I am in this one if you would like to play. Contact Paul Bolduc at E-Boris to get in on it, we could use two more players, I think.


House Rules for Pbem Play of

1. The Avalon Hill Rules © 1981 will be used unless all players agree to use the Lost Battalion Rules © 2006.
2. The GM will randomly determine the player order. The GM will shuffle both decks and deal the requisite cards to each player.
3. The GM will inform each player of his card draw as it occurs.
4. The players will e-mail their card play(s) to all players and the GM. Play will continue as per ftf.
5. The GM will provide any die rolls.
6. Players are expected to make their move within 48 hrs.
7. NMR: GM will randomly discard a card. Second NMR in a row the player will be replaced if possible.
8. For the first game only, players will vote as to whether the game will last one card round or to 100 VP.

So far we have Dowrey, Kent, and O’Hara. I know Saunders, B Wilson, and the Bros K have also played.


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