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Where the Tides Ebb and Flow, by Lord Dunsany

Lord Dunsany, author, early 40's age
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I recently had a hankering to read some short stories from the grand old Irish master of storytelling, Lord Dunsany (aka, Ed Plunkett). I have found a substantial number of his shorter fiction in various online repositories here and there over the years, and some of them were in a format that could be read on my Ipod Touch. So, last night, I read Where the Tides Ebb and Flow. This is a wonderful, eerie little story of life after accursed life, and the downfall of mankind, all in three short pages. I will not quote it here; but I will give you a link to go read it yourself– HERE. It shouldn’t take but a few moments (presuming you have Adobe PDF reader installed).

Oddly enough, this short story led me to an Interactive Fiction ‘game’ of sorts, called THE EBB AND FLOW OF THE TIDE, published by Illuminated Lantern Publishing. You’re familiar with Interactive Fiction, I think, if you ever played Zork in college, or any of those wonderful old text-only INFOCOM games. THE EBB AND FLOW OF THE TIDE is an interactive fiction game based strongly upon the short story WHERE THE TIDES EBB AND FLOW. Click on the link, above, to visit. You may have to download an interperter for either Windows or Macintosh machines first; links are provided.

Here is my attempt at reading THE EBB AND FLOW OF THE TIDE:

SITE NEWS: Lastly, on a total tangent, I was pleased to discover the gaming blog of Mr. Chuck Turnitsa, entitled GAMING WITH CHUCK. Chuck is a consumate gentleman and hobbyist whom I have known for years through HMGS and other hobby pursuits. Chick and the Old Dominon Gaming Society put on a small gaming convention called “The Williamsburg Muster” every February, which I have yet to attend (due to record snowfall this winter). GAMING WITH CHUCK is chock full of material on Chuck’s latest gaming projects, either board or miniatures style. I like it, and I’m honored to include it in my blogroll

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