Daily Archives: April 6, 2010

Michael Paul Smith’s amazing automobile dioramas

I came across this on FLICKR recently. Michael Paul Smith is attempting to recreate the small town he grew up in, scene by scene, using plastic models and trick photography. They are quite evocative.

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All work is copyright Michael Paul Smith. His original Flickr Sets are located here.


ACW Naval Ship Registery online

American Civil War navy

I’m impressed with the ACW NAVAL SHIP REGISTERY on the CARLISLE CAVERN OF CARNAGE wordpress site. It appears to have every ship, ironclad, cottonclad, blockade runner and then some that fought in the American Civil War naval conflict, as well as some information (however sketchy) about how to paint the craft in question. Labors of Love like the Cavern of Carnage never fail to impress me. Job well done, whomever you are!

Give it a visit if you like the period, it should prove to be of interest to naval wargamers.