Battle Machines, from Jada!

CAR WARS in lovely large scale Three Dimensions

I saw some interesting post-apocalyptic trucks at a recent game event at Cold Wars and was surprised to see they were die cast, not conversions. And in 1/64 scale, which seems unusual. The line is called “Battle Machines” and they are from a small company called Jada Toys.

Chevy Bel Air with Gatling
Gatling Gun enhanced Chevy BelAir.

I saw this Thursday night, during the Zombie game, when some folks near us were running a sort of post-apocalypse auto arena in 28mm scale (which this scale roughly equates to).

Deadly Ford Mustang model.

I’ve been working on a “Road Fighting Game” for some time now.. where the road spools out as an endless cloth road that runs down three tables. These diecast toys would fit right in to that idea with little or no modification. I am officially Psyched about these things. The diecast are pricey, but NOT out of the ball park. Road Warrior, here I come.

The Complete line of Jada Battle Machines in 1:64 Scale (roughly 28mm).

Announcing the Battle Machines Line


  1. As it is, I won’t be attending camp this summer. I’ve got an acting troupe to work with. It was a tough decision to make. I’m working on rules for a kind of treasure-hunting adventure game myself. It will be set in the near future, not sure what we will be looking for though.

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