Spotted: the Napoleonic Wars version of Command & Colors?

Imminently Arriving!… or maybe not

I don’t know much more about it than this picture, but apparently the next iteration of the game system behind Battle Line/Command and Colors/Memoir 44 will be out from (it appears from the picture) NEXUS Games.  The title is BATTLES OF NAPOLEON, and it uses the same geometrical board, plastic soldiers, flank system and cards that the other games do.   The picture below was spotted in a gallery from a recent Italian games convention.  It’s hard to tell the scale but the Napoleonic version appears to be larger  than it’s closest American cousin, Battle Cry, by an order of magnitude.  I’m not sure if the original Command and Colors designer, Richard Borg, is working with Nexus on this game or not.  I do think I’ll be getting it, even if it isn’t much different from Battle Cry.  It has that big, colorful and cheerful graphic look that Nexus adds to all their games.  I like the looks of this!

NOTE BENE: Alas, my enthusiasm got away from me here.  Battles of Napoleon ISN’T the next version of the Command and Colors, it is an independent effort from Nexus Pubs.  The authorized version is still in the pipeline from GMT Games, and probably will be a block game.  See Wayne’s comment below.

As we all know NOW, Command and Colors: Napoleonics is a much different animal, and looks like this:

Map Sample

CC:N Map Sample

Battles of Napoleon

Battles of Napoleon

Also of interest, in the same gallery:

New Wings of War Miniature planes for the WW2 game

New Wings of War Miniature planes for the WW2 game

I’m not a huge fan of the WW2 version of Wings of War, but I love the earlier game.  It looks like NEXUS is greatly expanding the WW2 line very soon.

To see larger scale views of these pictures, click HERE and navigate via the menu on the bottom of the page.

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2 responses to “Spotted: the Napoleonic Wars version of Command & Colors?

  1. Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion (released 2009) which is the game in the first picture ( is not the next iteration of the Commands & Colors system. A Napoleonic version of the C&C system has been announced and it is called Commands & Colors: Napoleonics (, due for release hopefully in 2011. Cheers, Wayne.