54mm Man to Man Napoleonic Skirmish Project

I’ve wanted to create an individual man-to-man Napoleonic game for a while now.  I recall writing a preliminary set of rules called “Rifleman and Voltigeur” in one of my many little project books several years ago.  Looking back on it, I don’t much care for the combat resolution of that early system, but I like the activation and “segmented turn” approach– everyone is moving in the same ten second blobs of time, just some figures are trying to accomplish more sophisticated tasks than others.   So my approach was to create a segment and weapon track for every figure on the table and give each player a little card with task costs– 3 segments to move, 1 segment to duck and cover, 2 segments to prime musket, 1 segment to load ball, 2 segments to ram, 1 segment to present, 1 segment to fire– that sort of thing.

I’m using 54mm figures because they are my favorite for man to man games.  Easy to see, easy to paint, easy to resolve problems with.

Mixed Napoleonic Skirmish Figures

Mixed French Volitgeurs (HaT figures) and British Riflemen (Italieri) with the basic paint jobs done.  More detail to be added later– eyes, rifle details, badges, etc.

If anyone has any ideas about how to properly seal this kind of plastic figure, please contact me.

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  1. Dear Walt

    Should have asked me before you started. The trick isn’t to seal the figure- it’s to prep the surface. I assume it’s plastic. Krylon makes a plastic surface primer that works pretty well or you can wipe the surface down with Methyl Ethel Keytone. This mars the surface and allows the paint to get a purchase.

    As for sealing it– Got me. Perhaps a clear Epoxy varnish?

    Man-o-war unfortunately is rigid and will crack and flake off.


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