a 100% generic search and destroy an abandoned hulk in space game, yessir.

For those of you who don’t wish to play SPACE HULK online for whatever reason, there exists a 100% generic game that’s has a similar theme and mechanics you may wish to investigate.  It wouldn’t do for me to comment on how similar the theme and mechanics might be, but rumor has it that Games Workshop dropped an injunction on these lads in point-blimfark when they tried releasing it as SPACE HULK DESKTOP APP.  or something like that.

So feast your eyes on… ALIEN ASSAULT!  available at the TEARDOWN website.  Yep, that’s totally different… how could they possibly mistake that for an attempt on Space Hulk?  I mean, honestly…

Alien Assault Screen Shot
Screen Shot Alien Assault (touch to go to website)

I downloaded it, and being a fan of games such as Space Hulk, Space Crusade and Legions of Steel, I rather enjoyed it for what it was.  It’s top down two dimensional and not specifically set in the Warhammer universe, so it only obliquely shares ideas with the Big-Shoulder-Pad crowd.

Download it and have a good ol’ time.  I find it a certainly reflects aspects of the board game experience, but not down to the last detail.  Alien Assault is fun for a while… I prefer the board game though.