O, Baltimore! The Trading Card Game!

News Flash!  Wizzos of the Coast just posted a preview set of cards in GAME TRADER magazine!  The new collectible card game investigates the recent meanderings of a certain Historical Games Society in their attempts to expand and find that Next Level of their dreams.  Play the role of a BODDITE (player character) in your quest to deplete the Treasury of $Bucks.  The first Boddite to reach ZERO wins!  In a flash of inspiration, the boys in the back room of Wizzo have changed the setting to a musical set in the 1950s, starring the Three Stooges, A Pinhead, and Phil Silvers!  Expect to see this in your friendly local gaming store sometime in 2010 (we promise!).

The following is a Calameo document.  Click on the card art to transport to the Calameo presentation (have Java and Flash enabled).

Hey Buddy, Trust me
Click the Card to view the Entire Set!!
Disclaimer: this is a work of parody, and is not meant to indicate actual products, people, or events.  It is a broad pastiche of themes, rumors and personality types posted for amusement value.

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  1. Dear Walt

    A great job– doen With Mercy to none and Malice to all.

    I give up, you are the winner of our long-standing “Let’s design a game to get us kicked out of HMGS” contest. You win. I got nuttin to top this!



    O Baltimore! 

    New Historicon home and land!

    Blind love in all our sons command.

    With 15 minute loading zones,

    we’ll all be strong and free! (as we rapidly run hundreds of 50 lb containers into the con)

    From far and wide,

    O Baltimore, we spend our cash on thee.

    No more hotel rooms for cheap or free!

    O Baltimore, we really count on thee.

    O Baltimore, work your magic on HMGS-E!

  3. Great job, Walt. You must have a lot of free time, or have been thinking on this for some time.

  4. Actually, John, it kind of wrote itself in about an hour from start to finish. The tragedy is I could have made about thirty more “cards”, easy…

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