Casting Call for John Carter of Mars

Princess of Mars - Frank Frazetta
Classic Frazetta cover

As you may have gleaned from previous posts, I am quite excited about the news that we can expect a full-up, Pixar version of A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 2012.  The project, called John Carter of Mars for some reason, has completed primary casting.

Here’s the principle cast, from IMDB:

Mark Strong Matai Shang
Willem Dafoe Tars Tarkas
Taylor Kitsch John Carter
Lynn Collins Dejah Thoris
Dominic West Sab Than
Samantha Morton Sola
Daryl Sabara Edgar Rice Burroughs
James Purefoy Kantos Kan
Thomas Haden Church Tal Hajus
Polly Walker Sarkoja

This is all good news.  That’s some strong talent there – Polly Walker and James Purefoy were terrifice in the HBO series ROME, Thomas Haden Church is no slouch in a dramatic role, and Willem Dafoe has few rivals in a genre film these days.  That tells me that Pixar is taking this project seriously, and might just appreciate the fan factor of the Barsoom series.

There are some relative unknowns to me, particularly Taylor Kitsch, who plays the titular character.  I don’t mind that– a newcomer with some talent is really necessary for the John Carter role, assuming there will be a sequel down the road a piece if it does well.

Currently, the movie appears to be rounding out the minor roles.  According to one of my Barsoomian geek fanboy sites, the casting call went out for all the stable hands and spear carriers this week.

I am anticipating this one with the same level of excitement as I once had for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, which is a pleasant novelty in these days of cinematic dreck.