Orcs in the Webbe Advent Calendar

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Orcs in the Webbe is a UK website that serves as an information portal for miniature games “loosely grouped together by the phrase ‘Black Powder Fantasy’. This means anything where gunpowder based weaponry is mixed with fantasy elements such as Orcs or magic.” (their description). 

Primarily “Black Power Fantasy” means FLINTLOQUE, but it could also mean Hearts of Oaque, Panzerfaust, Dresda, Frontear and other games set roughly in the same milieu.

Dog General

Flintloque Character

I thought it rather sporting of them to include an on-sight ADVENT CALENDAR to celebrate the Nativity Season.  Every day they will serve up an interesting factoid, scenario, information bit, and treasure (of sorts) that supports the niche hobby of Black Power Fantasy.  I think its a swell idea!  Two snaps up to the Orcs in the Webbe folks for not wussing out with a politically correct “Happy Holidays” calendar instead!

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