Battling Bigguns Rules: Return to Lilliput 2.0 PIRATE ATTACK

For those that are interested, the following link is to a set of rules I created in response to a fantastic issue of RAGNORAK, the magazine of the SFSW society in the UK. This was issue 41, and the rules were “Return to Lilliput 1.0” by David Manley. I loved the notion and the game there, but never took to the EDNA system that was the background rules to the scenario. I can’t resist an urge to tinker, and tinker I did.

Return to Lilliput 2.0 cover
Click on the Cover to visit the Calameo document online

The game Return to Lilliput was run at Summer camp, the last two years, as well as at the HMGS East Fall In convention. Reaction was enthusiastic from my day campers.

So here is Return to Lilliput for your viewing pleasure.


These rules are now available via Calameo. You may use them as you wish without remuneration to me, but you may not alter them or sell them and you must provide attribution. Beyond that, have fun.

The core rules will be loaded first, and the Charts (Pirate, Lilliputian, and Character sheets), will be separate:


Cheat Sheet 1: Pirate Combat and Movement
Cheat Sheet 2: Lilliputian Combat and Moves
Pirate Character Sheets


  1. Hey, thanks for the rules, they look fun. I’m planning on running this at an upcoming convention. Can I hit you up for a few clarifications?

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