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Matrix Games – Huge Holiday Sale

Matrix Games, one of the better standalone PC computer wargame publishers out there in these console-happy later days (although they are hit and miss– the much anticipated, much lamented EMPIRES IN ARMS did much to make them lose credibility with me– it really sucked!), is having a humongous Winter holiday sale.  Now, most of these I’m not willing to gamble on, but I did pick up HORNET LEADER, which is a solitaire wargame (both board and computer) and it looks to me like it would be hard to screw up.  The price was nice, in any event.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games, said “Some people enjoy the fresh pine smell of a Christmas tree or the classic holidays carols sung for generations to get them in the spirit of Christmas. But for those of you who still like the sound of Panzers rolling across Europe or the orders of a squad commander trying to storm the Normandy beaches in addition, this sale will bring the best of both worlds!  After the success of last year’s huge Holiday Sale, we decided to make it even bigger this year.  There’s never been a better opportunity to stock up on our games.  Don’t snooze through it and miss these great savings!  Our Game on Demand boxed copy is a perfect present for your favorite wargamer – it comes shrink wrapped and our Standard editions include a printed manual for a present with some extra weight.”

Here’s a partial list and link to go explore.  Data is from the MATRIX ONLINE WEB SITE, and is not to be taken as official notification from me.

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