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Showing Colors

Wargaming clubs went through a ‘colors’ phase in the early 00s.. we were all buying distinctively colored shirts and having club banners made back in those days. I think it started with the HAWKS club north of Baltimore and those bright blue polo shirts. When John Camarano and I jumped into NOVAG leadership (prez and vice prez respectively) back in those days, a first order of business was to find a decent GREEN shirt to represent the NOVAG club. Then the Army of Central Maryland came out with their yellow and blue look, then the bowling shirts… then the Southern Maryland Partisans weighed in with maroon and grey, which is a natty look. I think there’s a group in PA that has a cornflower yellow shirt as well. Of course we also had to all have club rooms (because that’s what the HAWKS did, I give them full credit for this) and put up banners. The trend seems to have died down somewhat the last five years.

Novag Fez & pipe

"Lounge Larry"

One little club discriminator that I am absurdly proud of was the NOVAG club fez. Yes, once we saw that some clubs were upping the ante with bowling shirts, we figured we had to go them one better.  I presented this idea at a board meeting to unenthusiastic response from the folks assembled, but it went over big with some of the more enthusiastic members, particularly Don Hauser, who volunteered to chair the Fez search committee.  A year later, we actually got our NOVAG Fezzes.

These were very spiffy being of sturdy green felt with backing– they were made by the same folks who make hats for the Shriners. We had “NOVAG” embroidered in white letters across the front. It’s a lovely hat, and it makes an impression. Mission accomplished. I was pleased– the fez gave NOVAG a distinctive “hook” that was different from a lot of clubs. A club that was willing to wear a green fez isn’t a group that would take itself too seriously. I even made a little logo I called “Lounge Larry” (top left) that became almost a secondary logo for NOVAG.

So I was happy to notice that the NOVAG Fez has once again made an appearance. John McConnell, past NOVAG president, recently posted this on the NOVAG yahoogroup:

Found this web link that has a great deal on Fezzes!
They have a carton of 24 various sizes for just $108 ($4.50 each). What a deal!

Just find some sticky letters and you’re all set with your own NOVAG Fez!

the new, affordable NOVAG fez

The new, more affordable NOVAG Fez..

As it turns out, the membership is now eager to get fezzes again, as they are now taking orders to ‘go in’ on a gross of green fezzes with white tassles. Hell, I even put in for a spare.. at five bucks, why not? Bravo, NOVAG.. long may your tassles wave!