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Wired’s Article on Overlooked SF Movies from the 1980s

The Movie TRON, one of the movies on this list

One of the more memorable movies on this list. Click the picture to see more

A nice collection of strangely prophetic science fiction movies from the 1980s.

Overlooked ’80s Sci-Fi Flicks, Recalled by Wired Readers

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Your History Moment: A Visit to the US Marine Corps Museum in Quantico Virginia

USMC Museum, Quantico VA

Click to see photographs of the Museum of the Marine Corps

The National Museum of the Marine Corps preserves and exhibits the material history of the U.S. Marine Corps; honors the commitment, accomplishments, and sacrifices of Marines; supports recruitment, training, education, and retention of Marines; and provides the public with a readily accessible platform for the exploration of Marine Corps history” — Museum Website

I visited the Museum on Tuesday for a farewell reception for a Marine Corps Colonel of my acquaintance. We toured the museum beforehand. This is a fantastic spot for a tour; we were there almost three hours and I think we only scratched surface.