Tom Vasel, and a little mass-market Zen for the holidays

I have participated in the Boardgamegeek‘s SECRET SANTA PROGRAM for the last three years

Ho Ho HO!

running.  The mechanics are elegant.  As a member of Boardgamegeek (BGG), we all automatically generate “wish” lists over the items that we wish to mentally bookmark but don’t have the time or money to get to at the moment.   Over the course of a few years, a member can get a rather large wish list going.. some things get deleted, other things get added, things get demoted from “I’ve got to have it” to “eh, maybe I’d look at it” after you’ve grown disenchanted with something.  My wish list is here, for example (no, I’m not trolling). In short, a wish list morphs over time, but the big ticket items at the top of the list are usually items listed as “I have to have this“.

The Secret Santa Program is the work of Tom “Dice Tower” Vasel, who is a one man game reviewing machine living in South Korea– with the generous participation of the owners and operators of BoardGameGeek and several vendors that cooperate every year by shipping presents to targets anonymously.  I can’t imagine how much time must go into the effort of making a large scale (worldwide!) effort like this possible.  All I know is that I surely do appreciate it.

Thanks again for your effort, Tom Vasel.  And I’m happy to report I sent an order in for MY Secret Santa target within fifteen minutes of being assigned it– from his or her “Must Have” group .  No, I will not post details of who he or she is, what he or she wanted, or even what state the target lives in.  I made that mistake the first year.  I love the idea that the target will never know who I am, other than the phrase “Secret Santa”.  It’s like sending out a little anonymous kharma to the universe.