Daily Archives: November 14, 2009

Uncharted Seas: The Dragon Fleet Attacks! at Fall-In 09

I wish I had had time to sit in on this event, run by Jim “Tank” Nickle on Sunday at Fall-IN 09 recently. I am really enjoying Uncharted Seas, the newish naval fantasy game in 1:600 scale.

From the PEL:

Event Z297 The Dragon Lords Attack!
Start: 10 AM End: 1 PM, No. Players: 6, Scale: 1/2400th, Period: Fantasy, Rules: The Uncharted Seas, GM: Jim ‘Tank’ Nickle, Sponsor: The HAWKs
The Dragon Lord fleet has sortied to show its dominance of the Uncharted Seas. Of course, such arrogance minght not sit well with the other races, such as the Shroud Mages, Orcs or Iron Dwarves. Come play this easy to learn Fantasy naval system in which dice, cards and the wind lead to many unexpected but always interesting outcomes.

Oh well, maybe next time. Still, it was visually smashing.