Galley Warfare: Roman Seas at Fall In! AAR on Repple Depple

If you like wargaming Galley Warfare like I do, you might want to spare a moment to visit Mr. Brian Cantwell’s excellent after action reports on his three ROMAN SEAS games he hosted at the recently concluded FALL IN! 09 convention. I was in the middle game, Rule Britannia! Rules: Roman Seas (Eric Hotz). Ship models: Roman Seas (paper ships).

Admiral Walticles stares in mounting concern as the left flank is pounced on by Admiral Deweycles' fresh Liburnian Squadron. Click on the picture for the battle reports.

The picture above depicts me (the giant freckled arm and concerned visage on the right hand side) observing Dewey LaRochelle’s fresh squadron of Liburnians swooping down around my left flank. Unfortunately, there’s not much I can do at this point, as I am locked in melee with several other Liburnians and depeleted in crew. I imagine a prayer to Poseidon is in order.

Mr. Brian Cantwell’s Repple Depple blog is his wargaming hobby blog– and he is an enthusiastic player of many periods of history, not just galley warfare. Worth taking a look at.

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