AAR: Attack of the Corporate Zombies IV: Happy Hour!

Last after action report from Fall In! 2009, I promise. This is Saturday night event hosted by Shawn “Uncle Moe” Reis. I had missed this one the last convention he ran it, so I was grateful to be allowed to sleaze in under the wire.  I have uploaded the AAR as a Calameo-based webcomic. Click on the cover below to initiate it.

zombie comic cover
CLICK HERE to visit publication on CALAMEO!

Thanks for running this one, Shawn!

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  1. Walt, You have capture the fun of the game in such a wonderful way. Ifor people who loved the web comic (like I did) you will love the game.

    For Cold Wars we are making a bigger, funnier and Zombier game. (I think I just made up a word?)

    Thanks for the nod.

    Stay tuned for more Zombie Action.


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