Your History Moment: The Fall of The Berlin Wall

20 years ago, countless individuals in the “Eastern Bloc” were rebelling against travel restrictions and lack of basic freedoms in the communist regimes in Eastern Europe. The Communist governments of Hungary, Poland, and East Germany were in imminent danger of collapse. At first, the protests were about lifting of travel restrictions. Faced with thousands of people fleeing Eastern Germany, the DDR lifted travel restrictions.

What had started out as a protest against the repressive governments of the Eastern Bloc became a move towards Reunification in Germany and the downfall of Communism as a form of government in Europe and Russia.

The Wall fell 20 years ago today, in an event that is of little note nor long remembered in the West… and yet it was a moment of profound import. Perhaps, some year, there will be a celebration of this moment when citizens made revolution occur from the ground up. Until then, there’s always Youtube.

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