Bright Western knick-knack challenge!!!

Last months fun little diversion, a Future Fair: Fair for all, no Fair for ANYbody! generated some swell replies.  This was particularly challenging because the participants needed to generate Punishbot 3000’s Robotic language, the yowls of a misbehaving Chinese child named Han, and the sweet Schadenfreude of his “friend” Yuen’s private thoughts.  My favorite results so far:

Anne wrote:

punishbot: silence you screams of pain mean nothing to me
han: seriously punishbot, get some help. thats five kids this week
yuen: hehe go for for the balls

(hey, that’s not bad for age 15)

Eric wrote:

Punishbot 3000: I asked for RED paint not LEAD paint!
Han: Would you two shut the fuck up!?  I’m trying to play Sweatshop Tycoon!
Yuen: I can’t wait to go home and eat fried duck bladder!

Julie wrote:

Punishbot: *whack* Lien! you idiot child! Punishbot314 observed you looking at Han’s computer screen and you STILL submitted the wrong answer. *whack* Idiot! *whack*
Han: You did WHAT, Lien?? Aw crap! It’s too late for me, too. I see Punishbot42 is heading for ME!
Yuen: Creating a program which controls the Punishbots for my class was brilliant! Watching others be punished makes me happy in pants.

This month’s challenge arises from a few knick-knacks on the bookshelf behind me in my office– this picture was taken in my office last night.  I am looking at a series of actual figures from a popular spaghetti western film.  They stare silently back at me, their faces frozen in a permanent rictus of hate.  They are, from left to right: Tuco, Blondie1, Angel Eyes, and Blondie2.

This month’s challenge: What are they thinking????

the Good, the Bad and the Ugly figures

Left to Right: Tuco, Blondie1, Angel Eyes, Blondie2.

As usual, no prizes, no tangible rewards for victory, just that burst of confidence that you’ve done something well.  Labor is its own reward!

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