I Am Legend alternate ending

A co-worker of mine mentioned that there was an alternative ending to the recent I AM LEGEND movie starring Will Smith. One that would prove to be a lot closer to the original source novel than the final version that hit the theaters. The alternative isn’t hard to find (thank you, Google). After viewing this ending, I’m puzzled as to why they went with the heroic self-sacrifice ending in the theatrical version. Sure, Neville sacrifices himself and “saves” humanity, but I rather like THIS ending better. It IS closer to the original (book) ending of I AM LEGEND (by Richard Matheson– a great read and worth your time). The night people and humanity are becoming two species after the plague evolved them. THIS ending illustrates that premise nicely. Sure, driving off into the sunset is a bit schmaltzy but I lke all the rest of it far more than the cliche of jumping on a grenade to save everyone. This was a fun discovery.

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  1. Hello, Mr. O’hara you may remember me from the games camp last summer. I’m the one who came up with the title God-Emperor Walticles Turtanicus. Moving on I think it was pretty cool. I watched it and it does seem far better than the original ending.



  2. Right I think I remember that. Anyways…do you have a way that I could say… send you a rough draft of a game that I am working on? I need some serious feedback on it.

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