Olicanalad’s Galleys

I’ve always enjoyed a niche subject of historical interest, Ancient Greek and Roman galley warfare in the Mediterranean. Well, really, any kind of naval warfare with big, lumbering oared ships. I think that slave galley scene in BEN HUR must have had an impact on me when I was a kid. I like wargames that feature galley warfare as well– I just wish I had a chance to play them more. I have a couple of NAVWAR’s Fleet Starter Packs that I have painted up and based for the game RAM SPEED by Metagaming. Ram Speed adapts well to miniatures with very little conversion. What a pity, I’ve only had this out and on the table a few times.

“Olicanalad” is on a yahoo group dedicated to Galley Warfare I started years ago called war_galley. He is clearly a fellow enthusiast of the time period– as his recent pictures of a galley battle attest to. Olicanalad is using Xyston 1:600 ships here; this is the same scale (roughly) as the Uncharted Seas game I have been playing lately. 1:600 is a great scale for detail and lovely ship models, and Xyston does a wonderful job on them.

Picture from Olicanalad's recent game.

Picture from Olicanalad's recent game.

Click on the picture to get transported to “Contemplating my naval” on Olicanalad’s gaming blog.


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