Makers by Cory Doctrow interactive web game/utility

From TOR Book’s website:

We are pleased to announce the 2 x 2 version of the Makers Tile Game, with which-in the spirit of Lester and Perry’s New Work as depicted in Makers -you can re-arrange and rotate the tiles that Matthew and Robbi of Idiots’Books have created, to compose new and interesting combinations. As the serialization progresses, and more tiles are unveiled, the grid of tiles in the game will grow to reflect the larger quantity of tiles available, eventually reaching a whopping 9 x 9 tile grid, which will feature all 81 planned tiles by the time that the serialization is complete. The next version of the game, the 3 x 3 iteration, will include a function for users to be able to save their unique combinations of tiles as an image file on their desktops, so that you can keep or share the results here, on the Idiots’Books site, or wherever you want to put up your own take on the Makers Tiles.

And of course, we continue our serialization of the complete text of Makers, by Cory Doctorow, with illustrations by Idiots’Books. Check out Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8 from the past week.

Still catching up? Don’t worry, you can read all the entries you missed at our Makers index page.

Makers Web Tile game.  Amusing and meaningless
Makers Web Tile game. Amusing and meaningless


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