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Gameopolis Gaming podcast
Gameopolis Gaming podcast
I like podcasts on geek subjects like gaming, math, history and science. They tend to boil away the viscera and give you the tasty nuggets, or at least they do when the podcasts are well done. Some recurring favorites on gaming subjects were THE DICE TOWER, ALL ABOUT MINIATURES (seems to be defunct), NOISEMAKER, THE D6 GENERATION, ROLL2D6, and now, GAMEOPOLIS.

GAMEOPOLIS is the work of two guys, Mark and Jeff. They only have a few shows in the can right now, but I like what I’m hearing. They appear to like similar things I do, so that’s a plus. Their first show was a long, wheedling “what’s our top ten favorites” show. Both of their lists contained old enough games for me to remain engaged with their examination. In reverse order (two of them are repeats, so it is only 18 choices)

  • Warhammer 40,000 (Games Workshop)
  • Axis & Allies (Milton Bradley)
  • The Bermuda Triangle (Milton Bradley)
  • Ticket to Ride (Days of Wonder)
  • Top Secret (TSR)
  • Talisman (Games Workshop)
  • Villains & Vigilantes (Fantasy Games Unlimited)
  • Battletech (FASA)
  • Car Wars (SJG)
  • Dragonstar (Fantasy Flight Games)
  • Dark Tower (MB)
  • Blackbeard (Avalon Hill)
  • Battledroids (FASA)
  • Aweful Green Things from Outer Space (TSR/SJG)
  • Star Frontiers (TSR)
  • D&D (TSR)
  • Merchant of Venus (Avalon Hill)
  • Gamma World (TSR)

I think this is a good indication of things to come. I like a podcast that can wander around in a topic for a while. They will follow up every podcast with a session report from one of the games mentioned in the main show. Their choice was CAR WARS by SJG. Again, promising. I played it to death when it was first around.

I like their interaction, which is a bit of friendly hectoring back and forth, but not something ego driven like a few casts I’ve listened to. They remind me strongly of the guys who do the ROLL2D6 podcast– I wish they were still in business.

I just downloaded the next show which is about LEGIONS OF STEEL and WARRIOR KNIGHTS. I own both of them but have not played them in a long time. I look forward to listening.

The D6 Generation
Dice Tower
All about Miniatures (website’s up but no new shows since 07)


  1. Hey Mister Nizz,
    I tried to make this posting a few weeks ago, but had technical difficulties. Mark and I were very happy to read your positive review of our podcast. And also, I must say, I was flattered to be compared to Adam and Nate, since Roll 2d6 has always been a fave of mine.

    Please check back with us from time to time. Looking at your blog page, I see several games that you list that will definitely be featured on future Gameopolis shows. Thanks again! -Jeff

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