Fantasy Fleets.. Green Forest Trading Company

I really should check into those older Yahoo Groups I’ve been a member of for a while. In the SEA OF CLAWS yahoogroup, a group dedicated to preserving the older GW game Man O’ War, I discovered multiple posts by a feller named “GfTCo”, speaking on the latest “GfTcO releases”. It took a while to find the links to what he was talking about but I persevered. There is an alternative Fantasy Naval Miniatures producer out there, by the name of GREEN FOREST TRADING COMPANY. They make resin miniatures that quite clearly intended as replacements or substitutes for the older Man o’ War game, being quite similar in size (roughly 1:1200) and execution. Here is what they have out there now:

The Steam Fleet (e.g., Dwarves) click to expand
The Steam Fleet (e.g., "Dwarves")
The Reptilian Fleet (e.g., Lizard Men) click to expand
The Reptilian Fleet (e.g., "Lizard Men") click to expand
The Undead Fleet (click to expand)
The Undead Fleet (click to expand)
The Human Fleet (e.g., The Empire) click to expand
The Human Fleet (e.g., "The Empire") click to expand

this also comes in a Pirate Variant

The Pirates (e.g., the Empire with different sails) click to expand
The Pirates (e.g., the Empire with different sails) click to expand

The sculpting appears to be good, a tad blocky for my tastes but quite decent for 1:1200 scale. One element this manufacturer shares with its source material (Games Workshop) is very high prices. Humans, Undead and Pirates are 54 dollars a starter set. Reptilians are 68 a starter fleet, and Dwarves a whopping 74 dollars. Fleets are roughly the same size as Uncharted Seas’ starter sets in terms of ships per fleet, yet the price does not compare– from 14 to 24 dollars more expensive, and that’s for 1:1200 scale ships, not the whopping giant hulls of Uncharted Seas.

I don’t want to shoot down this company’s products for price alone– they most certainly fill a very valuable niche in the hobby, namely all the people who felt they were left high and dry by GW abandoning any further development of Man o’ War all those years ago. These ships will fit Man o’ War’s universe and scale quite nicely. Heck, if I had known about them five years ago, or even LAST year, I’d have been sorely tempted. Unfortunately I discovered Uncharted Seas first, and that’s where my investment is going for a while. Good show, Green Forest Trading Company!