Uncharted Seas Project: A New Fleet

Dragon Lords Starter Set: 1 Battleship, 3 Cruisers, 6 Frigates
Dragon Lords Starter Set: 1 Battleship, 3 Cruisers, 6 Frigates

Miniature Review: DRAGON LORD FLEET, Uncharted Seas

I just picked up the Dragon Lord fleet, after debuting the Uncharted Seas game at Game Camp this summer. I’m really enjoying this game and I’m enjoying putting the fleets together and painting them. My goal is to have at least one fleet of each major race in the game first, then I will pick up the extra special ships, such as the Dragon Carrier, the Transports, the Dwarven Heavy Cruisers, etc.

This acquisition was either going to be the Dragon Fleet or the Thanatos Elves. This was an easy decision. I needed some bad guys.

The Dragon Lord fleet is super visual– long hulls with giant living dragon wing sails, so they don’t require the wind gauge. I found them to be perhaps the most fiddly to construct– the sails are quite high, and rather heavy. The kit that I purchased had mold lines to clean.

Right now they are primed. I used basic Rustoleum black spray primer. Use this, not the Kryolan fusion, for these ships. They take paint well but require a thin coat of primer.

Projected Color scheme: a medium reddish brown sienna for the hulls with a brown wash. Sails: I’ve seen green, red, blue and black, but I rather like the notion of dull red with a reddish orange or yellow highlighting and a dry brush of white.

Uncharted Seas is a blast. I’m very glad the good folks at Spartan Games came up with this fantasy naval game– there’s never enough of that sort of thing.

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