Daily Archives: August 21, 2009

Your History Moment: Prussian Uniforms from 1860 to 1910

Do consider visiting the KAISER’S BUNKER website. “The Kaiser” has made a wonderful effort in cataloging and indexing a large collection of Prussian headgear, uniform tunics, overcoats and accouterments from a time period extending from 1860 to 1910. The following slideshow is but a small representation of what is available online.

Prussia as well as the German minor states, Hannover, Brandenburg and Bavaria all are represented. An absolute treasure for wargame miniature painting.

The Battle of the Japan Sea

This is a snippet from the 1969 film The Battle of the Japan Sea, directed by Seiji Maruyama. The nautical scenes are quite impressive. It appears that the director made use of actual WW2 era (American?) destroyers and added some smoke stacks and flying bridges to them– to simulate Japanese pre-dreadnought ships. This ain’t CGI, folks. I’m a naval stickler, I wince at what they’re trying to pass off as period ships.. still, the movie has a certain style.

This was available as a complete movie (in sections) on youtube, it has since been yanked at the request of Toho studios. I’ll have to shop around for a DVD. If it exists.