Battle of the Uncharted Seas

This was my inaugural running of the game UNCHARTED SEAS by Spartan Games. We played with the most basic rules; no special cards, no pre-canned scenarios, just a starter set for each side (although two or more kids ran fleets in squadrons). I did a few things wrong, but they weren’t huge. Moving and ranged fire I had to read twice to catch a key concept (8″ range bands for firing– then it was all clear). The set up was basically a rectangle with the Imperials on the top left, Dwarves top center, the Mages top right, Raider Orcs bottom right, Bone Gryffons bottom left. There were some largish islands to use for screening and visual appeal.

The players were all very young.. they loved the visual appeal of the game, which has some wonderful models. Many of them had never played a naval game in their lives; others were so inculcated with the Warhammer bug they didn’t understand that this wasn’t the Warhammer universe and THAT story didn’t apply here, even if the races were fantasy standards (elves, dwarves, etc.).

With a table so small, it was difficult to get these kids to NOT charge in amongst each other. Both the Imperials and the Bone Gryffons slaughtered each other in no time flat because they didn’t get that their guns could fire at each side of the table. When they moved within 8″ range bands, broadsides were lethal.

With the Undead and the Imperials mostly gone, the Dwarves came in and mopped up all remnants on both sides, then got jumped from behind by the Orc Raiders who pulled of a spectacular coup– shooting up the battleship and actually boarding and capturing a cruiser, ramming the other one.

The Mages crept up from behind and finished off the battleship, but most of the dwarven frigates fell to Orc gunfire. I would give the victory to the Orc Raiders, who learned the lesson to fire at a distance and maneuver in formation early.

In summary, I loved Uncharted Seas.. Great, easy, visual, and tremendous fun. A very worthwhile investment of my gaming dollar and painting time.

Uncharted Seas Slideshow DIRECT LINK.