The City Quiet as Death, by M. Bishop and S. Utley

Do drop by TOR.COM to check out a new free fiction offering from them, a short city called “A City Quiet as Death”, by Michael Bishop and Steve Utley.  City is described by editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden as “a cross between Magic Realism and H. P. Lovecraft.”

Tor is putting a lot of free short stories on the web these days, even small audio fiction files.  Not nearly as generous as the Baen Free Fiction library (but what is?)– still has really reinvented itself in the last year and has tons of nifty features like these freebies.

(edit: Original post was 2009.  The Baen Free Library is not nearly as generous after Jim Baen’s passing in 2006 but it was a gradual thing.  This post used to have a cover caption but the link to that apparently died years ago)