ProFlowers.Com? Never again.

Rose in a vase I used last year, on a coworker’s recommendation (to take advantage of an online coupon that was making the rounds, to be honest, 15% off). I ordered a nice arrangement for my own mother and one for my wife, gave them the different addresses, had them repeat it back to me. Paid for it, printed out the PDF receipt and tucked it away– then the hilarious hijinks ensued. Both arrangements were sent to my mom, which isn’t all that bad a thing, but it’s not very classy to have a flower arrangement for your wife go elsewhere. Ah well, I thought, they can’t do the same thing twice if I use two different vendors, can they? This year I ordered another nice arrangement from ProFlowers for Audrey. Fedex dutifully emailed me that they had arrived (in my garage– even though we were home). I rushed out and retrieved the box, only to open it up and discover… stems. Yes, that’s right, ProFlowers delivered a box of chopped off stems to my house for Mother’s Day. I was fit to be tied– and my language was salty, bordering on coarse, when I called up the ProFlowers customer representative. To their credit, they promptly refunded me for my order both times– but I’m not getting fooled a third time. Sayanora, ProFlowers!!