MeetSee, a virtual workplace

There’s a gazillion ways to collaborate on the web these days. Chating, IRC, Web Forums, and last but not least MeetSea.

In their words, Meetsea is “your own personal virtual office filled with rich ways to communicate, share content, collaborate on documents, and build rapport with co-workers. With Meetsee you can:

* Create and personalize your own virtual office, avatar, and profile.
* View rich presence so you know when to connect with co-workers.
* Share files, presentations, and even webcam in a virtual meeting room.
* Integrate with your existing tools and services”

That sounds like a lot of hokum at first, as the means to collaborate is out there already (think: Yahoogroups, Flickr, Googlepages, Igoogle, Youtube, etc.). What MeetSea does nicely is create a loosely aligned network of virtual spaces that can link together for meetings and information sharing. A MeetSee office doesn’t offer much more than a central point where two collaborators using a lot of existing web services (Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, etc.) can be in the same place simultaneously, with the capability to view shared information in real time. I’m only using the basic (free) offering at the moment, but if you would like to visit, click here:

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Get your free Meetsee virtual office at:

Given that this is a hobby blog, for the most part, you may be saying: “Hey, Nizz, what’s with the technobabble? How does this apply to me?” If you can’t see the application to gaming, take another look. Imagine having this set up next to a game of Vassal, or Virtual Battlefield, or Cyberboard. Hell, imagine any of those embedded into the application for everyone to look at simultaneously. It has potential.