One of our own passes away

With great sorrow and humility, I must report the passing of Mr. Dave MacRae of the Baggage Train. He suffered a disasterous stroke while setting up at Fall In! last weekend and was medevaced to a nearby hospital. His condition did not improve and he was unresponsive until late Sunday. The following official notice was made on the HMGS “Official List” the other day by FI! Assistant Director Mattes:

It is with great sorrow that I have to report that Dave MacRae
owner of the Baggage Train and long time friend and supporter
of HMGS-East passed away Sunday after suffering a stroke in
Gettysburg on Friday evening. Our prayers go out to his family.
I have called left amessage of condolences for his loss. If I hear
anything back I willpost to the forum.

Very Respectfully
James Mattes
Fall In! Deputy Director

I did not know Dave personally all that well, though I had both played games with him and bought stuff from him over the years. His was one of the countless faces that I have catalogued in my head where I could not pleasantly and strike up a small conversation about .. well, just about anything. There’s a lot of guys like Dave in this hobby; people I wished I knew better but likely never will have the chance to. Thanks for your contributions to the hobby, Dave, we will all miss you.


Mr. Nizz

PS: Fall-IN! travelogue post (traditional for me) has been delayed somewhat… I’m clearing some space off of my picturetrail account. I took about 63 pictures.