GAME 1 “Heathcliffe”

I am starting the first round of By Reasonably Popular Demand this week.

The rules are quite simple– basic BPD (by popular demand) with a keyword added to provide secret letters (plural). There are no theme rounds our game themes in Heathcliffe, though there’s no reason why there couldn’t be in future games.

Basic BPD: every turn I post six categories, and usually a magic letter to guide the answers. Every player sends me secretly (via IM or email) the answers to each category. Players score by having the most similar answers. For instance, if the secret letter is C and the category is “Vegetables“, if 8 people answer CARROT and 2 people CUCUMBER, 8 people would get 8 points and 2 people would get 2 points. Thus, the answer that is “By Popular Demand” gets the most points. We go TEN ROUNDS, about a week each unless I get all the answers early, and then I tally up the scores to give the winners.

By REASONABLY popular demand is only a very little bit different. Each turn I provide an entire keyword to derive answers from. You can use ONLY the letters in the keyword as the first letters for your answer, and only ONCE per category– you USE UP the letters as they get used. This increases variability somewhat but can also limit you. Thus, if the category is “Presidents” and the keyword is QUARTZ, you could answer Adams, Reagan, Roosevelt, and possibly Quincy Adams if I am in a generous mood, but if the next category was “Garden Vegetables”, the person who answered Reagan for President couldn’t answer Rutabega for this category, he’s already used the R. Scoring, rounds, turns, etc. are all identical to Basic BPD.

See an example of an entire turn, HERE.

COMMUNICATIONS: by email (hussar (at) hotmail (dot) com) or the little IM thingie on Consimworld. The idea is not to make your answer viewable by others.

MISSED TURNS: I’m pretty easygoing about this, but I do give a week, and I think that’s plenty of time to come up with something (It IS a pretty simple game, people!), even when on travel. If you miss a deadline, you are NMR (no move received) which is zero points. If you send an incomplete turn, you get zero points for the questions left unanswered. I’ll give a little extra time this week to give people time to adjust.

COMMUNICATING RESULTS: I post the results of the round’s play here in this blog, and on CSW.