Camp: Where has Mr. Nizz been?

Warping young minds, that’s where…

Once again, I spent the week running a game camp at Saint Stevens and Saint Agnes School in Alexandria, VA. I was flattered to have many of the lads from last year return, and we had a great time running tabletop games. I tried to introduce the fellows to the concept that there is a hobby world outside of Games Workshop, and I think I succeeded. Here’s the lineup this week:

Monday: Saurian Safari (Dinosaurs and Darkest Africa figures)
Tuesday: Really Big Gladiators (54mm scale– using Munera rules)
Wednesday: Le Grand Cirque Dinosaur Island! (VSF racing game, my design)
Thursday: Hell Comes to Frogtown (by request) a VSF small unit skirmish game done using Rules with No Name (see slideshow)
Friday: Return to Lilliput (my design) Lilliputians versus Pirates (see followup post)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Andy Turlington and Rich Low for lending me Saurian Safari stuff. We loved it.

Thanks, as well, to Tim and Thomas, my trusty Teaching Assistants. It was their dogged work that helped get the Lilliput game from a pie-in-the-sky notion to a real game that worked by Friday.

Here are some shots from the Hell Comes to Frogtown game. The game was a reprise of last year’s scenario of the same name, which left a big impression on the lads. They demanded it again, and whom am I to refuse?

Once again, the, er.. historical scenario of Prussians, Cowboys, Zombies, Sharpshooters, and Cavalrymen played itself out. I’m not sure exactly what happened, as I let the TAs play and run the thing, but they assured me it was a game of portent and MANY weird events. Just as it should be. Thomas will be sending me a writeup which I will append here.

Cool Slideshows!

I am very grateful to Saint Stevens and Saint Agnes for giving me this opportunity each year, and I very much look forward to next year.

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