BPD 3 Clio Round 7

C is for Cutlasses!

Welcome to the Jolly Jack Tars Round (7) of the Clio game.

Round 7 is JOLLY JACK TARS. The correct answer will be from 1792 to 1815, roughly the age of Wooden Sailing Ships and the Iron Men who crewed them. Unless SPECIFICALLY STATED IN THE QUESTION (e.g. Cats 1 and 4) all answers can come from ANY naval power active in Europe OR America, considered a participant in the Napoleonic Wars or 1812, and had some form of fleet that included ships that are frigates or larger.

The standard rules apply.. no articles, first or last name but not titles, etc.

The Magick Letter is C


Category One: A French Ship of the Line

Category Two: A Famous Naval Battle

Category Three: A named and common “ship class” (e.g., Frigate)

Category Four: A British Ship of the Line

Category Five: A Famous Sea Captain, any country

Category Six: A Period Naval Base in any country during this time

Pipe the hands to station and good luck, matey!!!