When Librarians bring the funny… ANYTHING can happen.

What do librarians laugh at?

Here we go.. a good friend of mine (who is a librarian) sent these to me. As a former bookstore employee (underpaid, overeducated and totally snarky).. I felt an immediate sense of empathy.


(Yes, this is a librarian themed webcomic called UNSHELVED. Ain’t the Internet grand?)

The cartoons above and more can be found at OVERDUE MEDIA, a highly literate webcomic, found here: http://www.overduemedia.com/

Unshelved website
copyright (c) Overdue Media LLC and used with permission.


  1. Yes, it is librarian humour 🙂
    My gf (a qualified librarian – as apposed to myself, a partial-qualified) introduced them to me recently – I wasn’t aware of them previously.

    Also – good news on the Munchausen front. Have a look at this website-

  2. but it doesn’t say anything??

    I assume you’re showing me a publisher for a future version of Munchausen? Because it doesn’t say so in the bit you just showed me.

    Did you get the bit about the game being includeed in SECOND PERSON?



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