New "Shadow" movie in the works

With Sam Raimi at the helm!

Good news in the pulp fiction front. Sam Raimi, the highly capable director of the new Spiderman movie franchise and the older Darkman films, along with, oh, a little film project called THE EVIL DEAD TRILOGY! (Duh) is signed to direct the next incarnation of a movie adaption of the old SHADOW story. As in Lamont Cranston, and the power to cloud men’s minds, and Margo Lane, and “Who Knows the Evil that Lurks in the Hearts of Men?”, and all that.


Sam has been hit and miss over the years, obviously hitting quite solidly with Spiderman 1&2 (and by all predictions, 3). And the Evil Dead series, particularly Army of Darkness, well, that’s just great fun to watch. Of course, he also was involved in some turkeys, like THE QUICK AND THE DEAD. Frankly I don’t care. The source material is well documented and he will have a wealth of good stories to work with. My only concern is that they might try another stupid maneuver like brining the Shadow into a modern setting. Say what you like about the 1994 Alec Baldwin Shadow movie (and much there is to say!) it LOOKED right. The setting, costumes, etc. were just right. The Shadow doesn’t work in a modern continuum. Keep him in the 1930s!