Wargame Birthday Presents

I’m good for a year!

Right about this time of the year, every year since I started reviewing games, I get a big “unload” from Games Magazine after they are done photographing their games of the year section. Invariably, it arrives right on my birthday or within a day of it.
So I call this my wargaming birthday present.

HERE I STAND: Ed Beach’s area movement, card driven design on the Wars of the Reformation. Every game I’ve played in has been a blast.

ROAD TO BERLIN: from Avalanche. Another one of the Panzer Grenadier units, set in the final year of World War II on the Eastern Front. Lots of pieces, lots of scenarios.

SILENT WAR by Compass Games. I already had this– this was my copy I lent to the magazine to take pictures of. A great solitaire design of the Pacific War.

ALEXANDER THE GREAT by Phalanx. Looks like another Euro. It reminde me of NERO quite a bit.

COMMAND AND COLORS: ANCIENTS I’ve played it several times but never bought it because it basically sold out everywhere. Lots of cubes and stickers to process!

TWILIGHT STRUGGLE Another game I’ve been very impressed with but lost out on the chance to buy because of a low print run. I’m looking forward to playing this one.

BISMARK: COMMERCE RAIDING IN THE ATLANTIC my first game of the Second World War at Sea series. I’m very impressed with this one… it’s probably ten times more hypothetical than history but that’s okay, I don’t mind what if games.