Korgoth … of Barbaria!!

You tell him, Scrotis!

Late at night, in the same timeslot as the Venture brothers, recently appeared a new show that very well might redefine adult (by that I mean mature) animation.

Simply put:

Take 1/4 Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards..
Take 1/4 Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian Series…
Take 1/4 Vaughn Bode’s Deadbone comics..
Add in a dose of driving heavy metal thrash music
And the rest is the twisted vision of Aaron Springer and
Genndy Tartakovsky– it all adds up to the violent, hilarious melange that is KORGOTH OF BARBARIA (airing on Adult Swim as a Pilot programme last week).

And I swear, I haven’t laughed so hard since I saw Wizards the first time. The creators of Korgoth draw from some remarkably nostalgic sources for their new show about the adventures of the hapless and stoic barbarian, KORGOTH. In the very first episode, the standard day-in-the-life of a barbarian ensues:

Pilot – Korgoth is infected with a deadly parasite by Gog-Ma-Gogg and extorted to steal an item known as “The Golden Goblin of the Fourth Age” from the wizard Specules. He journeys with a group of Gog-Ma-Gogg’s henchmen to Specules’ castle. Many random fights take place during his journey and at some point he saves a girl chained to a killer tree. He makes this girl his own and continues on. The group reaches the castle considerably smaller than when it had left. The wizard is not at his castle and is presumed dead according to information provided by Gog-Ma-Gogg. Korgoth’s posse begins to plunder the castle while Korgoth goes to find the Golden Goblin. In the middle of their plunder Specules returns explaining he was on vacation. Specules uses his magic and kills many of the men and incapacitates the

rest. Then Specules creates a monster made out of gum to kill Korgoth. Korgoth defeats this monster with a little bit of difficulty. Specules uses his magic as a last resort against Korgoth, however he accidentily misses and kills Korgoth’s girl. Korgoth takes a two-pronged candle stick holder and impales Specules through the eyes. However Specules survives this by transferring his head onto the dead girl and proceeds to fly out the window. Korgoth returns to Gog-Ma-Gogg with the Golden Goblin and gets the elixir for the deadly parasite, though the elixer comes with a prescription of many more and he is informed the elixir will take many seasons to take full effect.

The voice characterizations, somewhat crude animation somewhat similar to Bode, the subject matter and setting, they all add up to a great time for products of the D&D generation. I can’t recommend this show highly enough. If you’re a guy who read pulp adventure stories or liked Fahfrd and the Grey Mouser or Conan or the works of Jack Vance or Michael Moorcock, you WILL love this series. Check it out. Go to the ADULT SWIM WEBSITE and leave them an “I want my Korgoth, dammit!” email. You won’t regret it.

A little teaser footage:

Check out: The Bar Encounter and the Encounter with Gog-Ma-Gog, Baron of Thieves and the finale at Specules’ Castle.