A big round of applause to Andy Turlington! My Hero!

TRIADCON tops a hundred … and climbing!

Andy Turlington, the unsung, unappreciated hero of TriaDCon, posted this on TMP today:

When we started the concept of a local convention in DC, we decided that we would be happy, and consider ourselves a success if we could draw 50 people to our show. In the back of my mind, though, I always hoped for something closer to 100. Well, as of today, we have 104 pre-registrations. While I expect we may get a few more before Friday, and most likely several walk-ups, I think that myself, and the other organizers, can breath a sigh of relief that efforts have not been in vain.


Your superlative organizational efforts and volunteer spirit have not been in vain.

I just did a spreadsheet on pre-registered attendees versus what has been laid out so far in expenses. If we get enough walk-ins, we may (knock on wood) break even!!!!

I know, I’m a starry-eyed optimist.

But a guy can hope, can’t he?

C’mon, folks, drop on by the DC area’s first independent gaming convention since the old NOVAGcon days! I’ll be running ‘bigass gladiator fights’ (well, the figures are ‘bigass’, you don’t need one to enter) and my new chariot racing game. I hope to see you there!!!!