Attention: BPD 2 starting up


Game: “Wuerthy”

(that’s a joke, Ron, and a danged fine one)

To help alleviate the Autumnal doldrums, we are inaugurating a new game of BY POPULAR DEMAND on Monday, when Round 1 Categories will be announced.

For the unitiated, By Popular Demand (BPD) is a word-guessing game, similar to Scattegories.

Here are the rules.

By Popular Demand

By Ryk Downes

This is a simple game for any number of players who may join in at any time. It normally runs over a number of turns predetermined by the GM.

Standard Game

Each turn the GM (me) lists 6 categories and an initial letter. All you have to do is find something that fits the category and begins with the initial letter; you will score points equal to the number of people who offer the same answer as you. The winner is the person with the most points at the end (after a predetermined number of turns). I always run a game for ten rounds.

Example: The initial letter is A and the category is “cities in Holland”. 13 people give Amsterdam as their answer and score 13 points each, 6 people suggest Alkmaar and score 6 points each, 3 suggest Arnhem and score 3 points each.

Communicating with the GM

The idea is… send the message with your selections to the GM, don’t post it in a public place for the world to see it (and copy it, therefore getting a higher score)

There are several ways to message me privately:

1) Tried and true email
2) If you are on Consimworld, you may use the little Instant Message dohickey at the bottom of every page (This is MY PROFILE there)
3) If you have Skype, I’m “misternizz” there. I check about once a day in the evening.

Schedules and missed turns

Rounds will last a working week or so (Mondayish to Fridayish), depending on people’s schedules. If you miss a turn, don’t sweat it. The scoring is variable enough to allow a come-from-behind victory. I won’t be hardnosed about it if you get an answer in, oh, say, by midnight Friday.. unless I announce that I’m extending a deadline.