Toymallet 40 cents


Toymallet Totally Rocks.

Praise be to Jenniverse (aka Jennie Rietz, longterm Computer Game industry veteran), who thought this up– and more importantly, expertly drew it to conclusion.

click on the cover to commence reading.

WHAT comapny could they be thinking of???


2 responses to “Toymallet 40 cents

  1. Dear Walt

    Who is Jennie Rietz and where do I send the check to contribute to her legal defense fund for the inevitable lawsuit from you know who!

    This is the funniest– and cruelest thing I have read in years– absolutely top of the line!

    The closing line about the “hot necro-gumby girls wanting you.” knocked me off my seat I laughed so hard!

    Sir Snooty

  2. Hiya, Snoots.

    Jennifer Rietz is an artist and writer that primarily works in the video gaming industry but occassionally strays into the fringes of “our little world”. You should check out her site; it’s actually pretty danged funny once you see what’s beyond that oh-gee-whiz Hello Kitty exterior.

    And btw, you CAN if you want to, contribute to her legal defense fund.

    Although she calls it the “help Jenni get a new computer fund”.