Received in the mail

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Otto’s Paper Blog

In the post last night, I received a letter from my pal Otto. Inside was a legal sized stapled newsletter of about four pages doublesided. It was called WARS AMONG FRIENDS. It was a new project from Otto where he will send out game after action reports in some written fashion. It appears complimentary to the Society of the Daisy newlsetter I get occassionally. The first one recounted a game sessions at Otto’s place where due to extensive remodeling they weren’t able to lay out gaming figures.. instead, they played JUNTA from West End Games. You could hardly ask for a better alternative for a group of seven guys. Well, COSMIC ENOUNTER, maybe, or DUNE. In any event, I loved the idea of this pub a;nd it occurred to me that Otto is really publishing HIS version of what I’m doing here, with a lot less filler material. Perhaps I will call it Otto’s paper wargame blog?

Keep up the good work, sir, it’s an enjoyable read so far.