Drey is my hero…

bullet rocket

Amazing Rummage Sale finds

As you might have read LAST YEAR, I love my church’s WHITE ELEPHANT SALE held every Labor Day for the purpose of finding old games and miniatures conversion stuff. This year was no exception!!

So far, Drey has located almost all of these and set them asisde or purchased them herself.

The original AH version of DUNE, designed by the Cosmic Encounter people:

The original 3M version of ACQUIRE, designed by Sid Sackson:

The original 3M version of STOCKS AND BONDS (kind of ho hum, but nice components)

Two sets of WEAPONS AND WARRIORS loaded with medieval troops and siege weapons.

Look at all this stuff!

I also got the Pirate set, which is LOADED with cool bits.

Way to go, Audrey! You are a fantastic scrounger and the love of my life…